Know Your Business

When everything changes, it’s not enough to work in the old ways, you need to stay more than one step ahead of the competition. What’s your next next move?


We Work With

Business Owners

From founders on to the next generations, you’ve built something that matters. How are you going to keep it going as the world changes, while staying true to your vision for the family’s future?


A few months ago, you knew what you owned, you knew how to operate it, you knew how you were going to grow and transform. Now it’s not so clear. You’ve battened down the hatches and figured out how to survive. Now you’re ready to re-imagine the future.

Leadership Teams

Some days it seems that there’s nothing but more pressure coming from new directions. How long is your runway? What projects are still worth investing in? How do you rebuild the confidence and morale of your workforce after those tactical measures that you were forced to take? What paths to growth are possible now?





A clear view across the landscape of your customers, suppliers, partners, and competitors will let you envision and quantify the future in scenarios that are the basis of planning your next next move.




In every crisis is the seed of opportunity. As scenarios unfold and we learn more about the business world we’re now in, what moves are possible? Where do you most need flexibility?




Too many options are as bad as too few. Validate whether your business model is still viable and discover where your company could thrive, given all the resources available to you.




Sustainably transform your operating model to meet the challenges of this still-changing situation. Not as a one-time event, but in the spirit of continual improvement and systemic adaptation.



It begins with a Framing Lab to rapidly gain situational clarity, generate options, and confidently take action.

If your business has been knocked sideways by events, this workshop will get you off the back foot and raise your game from reactive to deliberate decisions.

For some companies, that’s enough for them to regain confidence and clarity of what needs to be done.



One of a series of services that delve deeper into knowing your business and its place in the future. Moving from tactical to more strategic concerns, adding breadth to the models that we develop.

The core of the Hedwyn methodology, ensuring that your change programmes, operating models, and business model are aligned and able to thrive across a range of possible futures.


An ongoing service to periodically refresh what you’ve learned and done, to support you on the journey. 

Too many programmes fail to deliver the intended outcomes. Hedwyn Evolve ensures that information flows back along the chain so that you can make the right adaptations and decisions.

We’ve worked with companies from single-owner startups to global giants and everything in between.